Monday, February 22, 2010

Summer Stamp Party was a BLAST!

Saturday was the Summer Stamp Party and everyone had a blast! Here we are taking a break from stamping and enjoying Pina Coladas! (Virgin ones) What a treat! I called Bob Lander (a good friend and the local attorney), and thankfully he was working Saturday; he came down and made his specialty!
When you need a call Bob!
He makes the best and the girls agreed!!! We also had the Southwestern Pinwheels and for dessert......Soni brought her fondue pot, fruit and CHOCOLATE! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone had huge plates of dessert! It was decadent!

What a way to spend a Saturday.........stamp, chocolate and lots of laughter with the greatest girls around!
We made 5 invitations, 5 recipe cards and...
5 napkin rings. We are now ready for our summer cookout. Bring on the warm weather!

The recipe card was such a hit that we got another idea! I am going to plan a "Recipe Stamp Exchange". I have to work out the details but it will be something like this: each person will bring multiple copies of their favorite recipe, we will make recipe cards from them. We'll use the penguins again and color code the cards; ie: blue mating for appetizers, pink for cakes, etc. You will then have a bunch of new, beautiful recipe cards in a holder. And when all is done, we'll sit back and taste everything! Won't that be FUN!

Looking forward to planning the next Special Event.
Speak to you soon, Anna

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