Monday, May 10, 2010

Recipe Box and Cards

I think everyone knows that I just love those Memory Box penguins!!!
So, I decided to use the different penguins for a Recipe Box and cards. Here's a picture of the recipe box you can make in the class.
Each category is color coded and has a unique penguin. For example, we used the "Curler Penguin" for breakfast foods, the "Fishing Penguin" for the seafood category and the "Cowboy Penguin" for meats!

Then everyone brought in a recipe and we matted the recipe on card stock for the color of the category.

They came out so cute...........we even tried some of these recipes in class!
This class is being repeated this Saturday, May 15 and also next month.
Hope you can come!

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  1. Great shots! I hope everyone loves them as much as we did! The treats afterwords were supurb!