Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The New Fall & Christmas Release from Memory Box is Here!

I am so excited!!! The new Fall & Christmas release from Memory Box has arrived!!! It was just a blast opening the two huge boxes and getting my hands on the new stamps. Dave really out did himself this time. The stamps are just great, the paper is beautiful and the card samples are stunning!

I called several people to share in the excitement, but no one was home. But happily, Maryanne got her voice message and came down to see for herself. And she was thrilled to be the first to see all of the goodies! We were just "ahh-ing" over all of the samples! Maryanne can't wait to start her Christmas cards, but first she said she wants ALL of the stamps. Then she was worried that she may be getting "Soni-itis". O-oh.....we all know where that's going!

I took some pictures; first of just everything out of the boxes and then of the completed display. When I came home, I had to make a quick slide show for you. What a fun and exciting day!

Don't forget that we are one of the first stores that has this new release.
Hope you'll be able to stop by and see for yourself! It's just so much better in person!

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