Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Day at the Bronx Zoo

Sunday, Maryanne, Ceci, Ginny & I took a bus trip to the Bronx Zoo and we had a blast!  Waiting anxiously for the trip, we checked the weather all week long and were assured that it would be dry; actually partly sunny.………….but as we rode along Route 17, it started to sprinkle, and sprinkle, and sprinkle; and get colder, and colder, and colder………:(   

So what else can a group of stampers do when we reached our destination?  Go straight to the Bronx Zoo STORE!

That’s right, we were the first ones there to buy out hoodies, socks and even sweat pants!  Fashion went out the door; we needed to be warm so we could enjoy our day!

And so here are the four of us looking like twins.  Oops, not twins, but quadruplets. :)

Don't we look just great in those hoodies; all matching and even with Bronx Zoo tiger pins!  The Bronx Zoo should use this photo in their brochures! 

Our first stop was the Butterfly Garden.

 There was so much to see.........and here is just a sampling of our travels through the zoo.

I couldn't believe that I was able to get this shot!  Mr. Gorilla just decided to sit down and turn his back on us.  And then he just slightly turned his head, as if posing.  We were so excited to see him so up close and personal!

Just love that peacock blue color.

We also saw the 4-D Movie.  We all wondered why was it called 4-D and we quickly learned as we smelled the bananas, felt the airplane ride and even felt the sprays of WATER when we "traveled" through the waterfalls!  We laughed and laughed and felt like kids!!!  It was sooooo much fun!

The time just flew by.......................and we knew we had a great day as all of us slept almost all the way home!

Can't wait for our next girl's trip!
See you soon,

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