Friday, January 8, 2010

Easy Bow Maker Demo

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday, with the help of Soni, we video taped my first demo! It was fun and it only took 3 tries! It reminds me the fun you see actors have while filming a movie. All of a sudden you just go blank, and start laughing.

It was a great experience and I hope you will find it informative. I know many of you have this little template, and either, forget or don't know how to use it.

So, sit back, enjoy, and hopefully, you'll dust off that plastic bow maker template and start making lots of bows! If you need more instruction on how to use it, just stop by the shop and I'll gladly show you in person!

Thanks for watching and check back often, as I will start to add little, helpful demos here!

1 comment:

  1. Nice job. I have that bow maker and it's just so mcuh easier than struggling to make one on your own.