Friday, January 7, 2011

You Know You're a Stamper When...............

Good Day Everyone, Hope you're inside, safe and warm during this snowstorm. At least it started very early in the morning and hopefully you had the luxury of staying indoors today.

I was checking Twitter, and Hero Arts tweeted: You know you're a stamper when...............
and then asked that you fill in the blank.

Here is a sample of responses. I have to say they were excellent and I can truly relate!

You know you're a stamper when..............

you stay up all night making cards! (And we ALL know who this is!!! Please Ceci, stop pulling all nighters!)

you're at work and your fingers have ink on them from making a card that morning

you buy Baby Wipes even though you don't have a baby

it takes more time to organize your stamps than your kitchen! (*** Love it! This is so true for me! ***)

you get an advertisement in the mail, read a fortune from a fortune cookie, see a different coaster from a restaurant and say...Save that! I can use that on a card! (***I have to stop doing this.........running out of space! And if anyone sees me doing this, PLEASE STOP ME!***)

the guest bathroom sink is surrounded by stamp cleaners and drying stamps!

the ink on your hands matches your outfit!

an idea wakes you in the middle of the night and you can't get back to sleep!

when you remodel your kitchen to the most beautiful room with brand new cabinets with pull out shelves, granite to die for, drawers that close themselves, etc and you wonder if your hubby would notice if you fill them with stamps and accessories!

you have more rubber than your car!

NOW, why don't you fill in the blank in a posting below...........................we all could use a chuckle today!!!

Thanks so much and
Happy Stamping,


  1. You have more luggage dedicated to your stamping addiction of going to card making activities than going on vacation.

  2. You plan all your vacations around stamp store locations!

  3. You use more vacation days for stamping events and conventions than ACTUAL vacations.

  4. These are GREAT!!! Keep them coming ladies!!!

    And Sue S. e-mailed me and said,
    "You know you're a stamper when you realize that no matter what you're looking at, you immediately try to figure out how you can make it work on a card."

  5. Arlene says "You know you're a stamper when you go to sleep thinking about card designs and you wake up thinking about card designs and things at work make you think about card designs and THEN you spend all day Saturday browsing through Split Coast Stampers!"

  6. Sue L. says:

    "when you finish your basement into a craft/living room (work in progress).

    and when you have kids begging you to stamp for hours of fun."

    Thanks, Sue!

  7. Maryanne K says: "You know I am a stamper because my walk in closet is no longer a walk in closet........"

  8. Your grandchildren come into your craft room and say "you sure do have alot of stuff".

  9. You know your a real stamper when your dining room table is covered with stamps, paper ink and the like and you have to eat off TV tables.

  10. You know you're a stamper when you have more rubber than clothes. And you need clothes, but you buy more rubber.

  11. This is too funny! For me its, you know ou are a scrapper when you plan adventures so you can make layouts with the cute new paper you just bought!
    Thanks for visiting my blog during the Stampendous! blog hop last weekend!

  12. You know you are a stamper when you start to experience serious withdrawal symptoms and the smell of rubber is the only thing to calm you down.

  13. You know you're a stamper when you're (frequently) told you have glitter on your face! ;)