Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh my gosh......it's February already!

Hello Everyone,

It's February already....oh where, oh where does the time go?

Well, I do know where it went last week......I was laid up with my bad back :( It wasn't fun, but I'm glad to say that I'm doing quite well now! Unfortunately, I couldn't work on cleaning up or setting up for several days. Oh well......

But I do have some new pictures to show you of the progress so far..........

This 1st picture is of my temporary work station. I'm working hard to come up with some new samples with the latest product that has come in. I'll post those pictures in the next post.

Here are the stamps and Scor-it as well as the printer. The office is coming along very nicely!

The drawers now have office supplies and packing material; all ready and waiting for orders to be sent out.

And here you can see the register, phone and credit card machine all set up and functioning.
If you look past the counter, you can see a glimpse of the sitting/relaxation area we'll have!

And here's the large room.........I know there's still a lot to get done, but look......the back wall is completely clean!!! And that was with the help of Al, Soni's husband!!! He was just wonderful this past Sunday.......he got a lot of big things out or moved so now I can clean along the walls and then get ready to paint!!! Yeah!!! Thank you sooooo much Al!!!

Now, stay tuned for the samples!
Thanks for stopping by,

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