Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coloring Glitter with Copics

 I just love the subtle color and blending you get when you use Copics to color glitter.  This completed card shows you the glittered butterfly colored with Copics.  (You use Elizabeth Crafts micro fine highlights glitter)

You start with a peel off sticker and the trick here is to place it on a craft sheet, with the sticky side UP.

It is now easy to transfer the peel off to your cardstock that is already prepared with the adhesive.  With the peel off on the cardstock, you then add the highlights glitter; and don't forget to burnish it with your finger. 

Once that is done, you can start coloring the glitter.  You just need one color and the blender pen.  The biggest trick is keeping the glitter out of the tip.  I found that you do more of a dab with your marker.  I start in the edges.  The ink starts out dark there and it quickly spreads.  The color stays within the borders of the peel off and you use the blender pen to pull more color out.  As you are pulling the color out, it simply gets lighter and that is how you get the fine blended look.

You repeat this in each section of the peel off and then just cut out your image.

Once you start coloring and seeing the fantastic results, you just can't stop.  You start looking at your peel offs in a whole new way!

Hope this inspired you to try this fun and fabulous looking technique.

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