Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Great Tips for Cutting your Dies

Hi Everyone,

We all have those wonderful dies that make great shapes and we no longer have to cut each out individually by hand!  Unfortunately, sometimes they just don't cut perfectly in our machines; be it the Wizard, the Big Shot, or the Big Kick .  Here are 2 tips to help you:

1.    When using some dies and they don't seem to completely cut through your cardstock, simply rotate the die a little and run it through the machine again.  It should now cut all the places. 

This really helps when you have a square design.  When you use a die that is basically a square, put it through your machine slightly skewed.  (I think since we are always working with right angles, we tend to put it in the machine perfectly squared, and parallel to the rollers.  Just rotate it "off" a little and not so perfect)

2.   Sometimes, when we use dies, the cardstock gets stuck inside the die.  And when they don't make those tiny holes in the die so we can poke a piercer through it, it does get difficult to get the cardstock out.

Here's a solution:  place wax paper between the die and the cardstock.  The wax paper helps pop the cardstock out!

Hope this helps you!

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