Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Colors in Copic Markers for 2012

Copic has announced 12 new colors will be added in 2012!  (Like we don't have enough colors to pick from.  But then again................)

These will be available in early March and here is a peak at them:

G43 Pistachio, G46 Mistletoe, BG57 Jasper, BG90 Gray Sky, E84 Khaki, E89 Pecan,
 Bluebell, V22 Ash Lavender, V28 Eggplant, RV52 Cotton Candy, R56 Currant, YR27 Tuscan Orange

I will keep you updated as to when I will be ordering so you will be able to decide what colors you may want to add to your collection.  And you may add ANY color(s) you want from the 358 colors available!  I think we all know that the person who has the most colors, wins!  Right?

Happy Stamping & Coloring,

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