Monday, February 20, 2012

Large Stamped Flower Embellishments

Before one of our classes started last time, we had a quick Show and Tell.  Carol Chiaramonte brought these wonderful flower embellishments she made.  They were just stunning!  Wouldn't they make a perfect embellishment on top of a gift box, instead of the usual store bought bow?  In addition, you can make a card to coordinate with the package to make it really special.

 Carol pulled out some old, large flower stamps and went to town!  She stamped a whole bunch of these flowers in various colors and then layered them and added some stamped leaves and pre-made paper white flowers and buttons.

 Carol used 90 lb. watercolor paper to give the flowers some stability.

 If you are wondering how she got these different looks on the flower petals, Carol used one of her favorite techniques when she uses solid stamps; it's a variation of the "Kissing Technique".  Ink up the solid stamp. Take another stamp (any design will do, preferably a non-solid stamp) and tap it on the inked stamp AND swirl it a bit.  This is like the "Kissing" technique, but you will swirl one stamp.  The swirl makes a design in the ink and when you stamp the large solid flower, the result is just about different every time.  Try it, it's lots of fun!

 You will now look at your stamps in a totally different light.  Pull out some of those large flower stamps and see what embellishments you can make with them!  Bring them to the next Show & Tell.  We'd love to see what you have created!

See you soon,

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