Monday, October 3, 2011

Tutorial - Using Glitter and Peel Offs

Many of you have taken the "Fun with Glitter" class and learned the various techniques to use the Elizabeth Crafts Micro Fine Glitter.  You also have asked for a refresher, and so today I took some pictures as I was making a card.

Start off with a piece of card stock and your double sided Be Creative Adhesive.

Next, you carefully place your adhesive on your card stock.  (You don't want to touch it, as oils from your fingers with later prevent the glitter to adhere.)

Cut around the peel off design you would like to use.  And then take off the excess around the design.  You only want the peel off that you will be using.

Next, you need to transfer the WHOLE peel off with the transfer sheet.  Use your bone folder to transfer all of the parts of the peel off.  (If you want a refresher on transferring a peel off, see my video here)

Here is a picture of the peel off that is transferred onto the clear, transfer sheet.

Now, place the peel off onto the card stock that has the Be Creative Adhesive on it.  You will now transfer the peel off onto it.

Now that you have the peel off on the adhesive, you are ready to use your fine, pointy tweezers and pull of the sections you want to glitter.  Starting with the darkest color, (here I used Bronze) you will pour it onto your leaf.  Tap off the excess and don't forget to burnish it with your finger.

Here is a picture of the second color of glitter put down (orange) and again burnishing it with my finger.

Once you have all of the sections of the peel off filled in, you can cut out your image.  From there you use the images to create your card!  Your friends will be amazed on how it SPARKLES and wonder, "How did you do that!"

Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use this wonderful glitter!

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