Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beautiful Hummingbirds!

Today I wanted to show you the great pictures I was able to snap a few days ago!

First off, I have to tell you about this wonderful hummingbird feeder I got when I was in Belleville, Ontario.  It was from this great little shop called, A Place to Perch.  The owner was so knowledgeable and friendly and she told us about this simple red feeder.  Soni and I both bought one, as well as the nectar and a "waspinator".  The hummingbirds find this feeder easy to use and even like to perch on the little rail.  There also is a moat in the center to prevent ants from getting into the nectar.

Sure enough, hummingbirds came to my feeder within a day of me hanging it up!  I've had a different feeder years ago, but I haven't seen as many hummingbirds as I do now!  Birds come to this feeder all day long.  It is so exciting to see these little colorful birds fly over and take a drink.  It just puts a big smile on my face.

I then became determined to snap a picture of these beautiful birds.  It's not as simple as you may think.  These birds are so fast.  You have to be ready with your camera at a moments notice.  I would sit out on my deck, but no birds in sight.   But I didn't give up.  I was determined and was hoping that by the end of the season, I would have a picture or two.

Last week when I was out on my deck taking pictures of the "round wall hanging", I turned around when I heard the humming.  And since I already had my camera in hand, I was able to snap a few pictures!!!

Aren't these birds just gorgeous!!!

Now remember, the hummingbird is very popular and so is the hummingbird die that is from Elizabeth Crafts.  It is perfect for your summer projects like for example this beautiful card Els Van de Burgt made.

She used the hummingbird and fern dies, shimmer sheetz and micro fine glitter; all of which are presently in stock!  Stop by today to get your supplies.

Oh yes, as for the "waspinator", it works great.  It's a large grey bag that is supposed to look like a wasp's nest.  Wasps are very territorial and when they see this "nest", they turn away not wanting to trespass on what they think is already claimed ground.  So far, it is working.  I don't see any new nests being built and I have always had wasps building nests on my house siding.  Thank you Tina and Susan for your expertise!

 Thanks for "flying in"

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  1. Oh wow - these pictures are fabulous and you are so lucky to have such beautiful visitors to your garden!